Why do we care?

Report says:

“About 40 million youth are currently unemployed and of this figure 23 million are unemployable. It is a calamity. If 40 million people out of 150 million are unemployed, it is a disaster. To say you are unemployable means you are a candidate for crime. It means there are 23 million people that you can draft to commit murder, rape and other crimes. It means we have an army of thugs, rapists, assassins here and there.” Said Depo Oyedokun, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Youth and Social Development.


Why do we care?

“Before Graduation” will complement the efforts made by different stakeholders to curb the alarming rate of high unemployment and unemployability of youths. The experience will augment their classroom education and prepare them for the labourforce…as employees, or entrepreneurs.

Before Graduation aims to:
-Connect youth education to internship opportunities and contribute to the emergence of a skilled,  employable, and entrepreneurial generation of youths. For more details, E-mail: beforegraduating@gmail.com


“According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in the next thirty years, more people worldwide will graduate from school than did so from the beginning of history to the present.” Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity is a key part of the educated mind.

“Organizations can also take internship seriously and not just allow the interns to float. They have a responsibility to invest in the future of those who will take over the industry and will be ambassadors of their organizations when they leave.” Lekan Otufodunrin, Editor The Nation Newspaper (Sunday).