What we do

The Vision

Before Graduation is a project aimed at connecting Nigerian youth education to internship opportunities and contribute to the emergence of a skilled, employable, and entrepreneurial generation of youths.

To complement the efforts of different stakeholders tackling the reoccurring high rate of unemployment and underemployment among the Nigerian youth, Before Graduation is positioned to strategically contribute to Youth development by guiding and linking youths at the grassroots to internship opportunities that will challenge their norms and expose them to a working culture. This process will augmented their classroom education and prepare them for the labour-force, as employees or entrepreneurs equipped with competent skills needed to contribute to national development.


Target Audience:


Before Graduation targets the following groups:



In-school Youths

  • Senior Secondary School Youths transitioning into Higher Institutions
  • Youths awaiting admission into colleges or taking a gap year before college.
  • Under-Graduates Students studying in government approved schools


  • Non-profit organizations
  • Corporate companies



  • Parents
  • Teachers and Professors
  • Religious leaders
  • Government leaders

Our primary mission is to connect young people to internship opportunities in different organizations…

The Project is focused on:

  • Identifying Internship Placements and Trainings

Working in partnership with different stakeholders, especially non-profit organizations and corporate organizations, we will create short-term and long-term internship opportunities for youths and help with internship placements. We will also provide training opportunities to build the capacities of youth interns and also help organizations design a successful internship management structure.

  • Recruiting and developing Youths

Our goal is to empower youths to positively channel their exuberance towards discovering their passion in order to better focus their skills and academics before graduation. We are working towards revamping the current one-sided education system by building the capacities of youths through hands-on experience, to complement their classroom engagement, in order to be better prepared after graduation from school.

  • Fostering a culture of Youth development through internship

Collaboration is our watchword. It is our aim to inspire a culture of “Internship”, “volunteering” and “Holiday-job placement” and other positive youth development opportunities. We are open to working with different stakeholders to foster the culture of youth development through internship.

Exponential replication: We want to see others catch this vision and run with it responsibly, thus making learning by doing a habit for every Nigerian in-school youth.